Online Shopping – A Great Turf To Shop Upon!

Online Shopping – A Great Turf To Shop Upon!

Online Shopping – A Great Turf To Shop Upon!

The last decade was definitive as for the dynamic changesin the internet that started to develop as a matrix where ‘ecommerce’ and ‘social interaction’ in real time emerged as the best components.The social networkingfunctions of diversity serve this interaction and even fuel the commerce orientations in the web. Think of online shopping and you would recall suddenly a recommendation made by a friend or a peer who asked to ‘go and grab the deal now as a worthy one’! Many of the net savvy enthusiasts have gone through such instances and like to find out such recommendations. In fact, it is these recommendations and anonymous commenting that makes online shopping great way to shop for us!


Web social offers to complement the e-commerce! See how -

The web social turfs and the allied recommendations started to emerge spontaneously when the vendors offered the buyers some space to share their product and their thoughts about it; just with the intention of garnering some positive words. Now we attempt it in a deliberate manner and the positive words so sought are termed as the good eWoM or the ‘electronic word of mouth’. But why attempt it in a deliberate manner? This question may bother many!

The SMO (social media optimization) and SMM (social media marketing) are the two noted specializations of ‘web social’ and broadly the SEO. We humans have been age old shoppers and love it very much. With the online shopping, of course, there were constraints of distance and quality issues. The SMO and SMM do fill this gap in a very cordial and informal manner with which we are familiar, and therefore trust the comments of other buyers. Therefore for us, online shopping is now a fun experience because the unbiased views about the product get coupled with the wide horizon of the international market that we can reach through our smart screens from the cozy ambiences of our bedrooms or offices! Reach out for a great shopping experience online at


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